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Garage Door Repair in Winter Springs, FL

Our team here at Garage Door Repair Winter Springs, FL is always ready to make your repairs. We only use top products in our garage door services. Our office is always open, and our technicians are always available. 

Repairs That You Can Depend On

Maintaining your garage door requires upkeep. There will come a time when you need assistance from a professional repairman. Our technicians their way around a garage door.

Whatever problem you are having, they can fix it. Many of the issues that they address on a daily basis are:

  • Broken door panels
  • Springs that have broken, need adjusting, or have rusted (we service both extension and torsion springs)
  • Cables that have broken
  • Tracks that have broken
  • Remotes that have been lost
  • Weather seals that have been lost or torn
  • Sensors that are dirty or broken
  • Rollers that are squeaky or broken

When your technician arrives on site, they will work quickly to identify the problem. They will communicate with you throughout the process. All repairs are made with care and accuracy. 

The Products That We Use

When we make repairs, we do it the right way. This includes using parts that were made for your door. All of our products come from reputable manufacturers that are known for making parts that are dependable. 

We want you to feel confident about what is going into your garage door. Most of the parts that we use come with warranties. We will always make sure that you are taken care of. 

What Is The Emergency Release Cord?

You may find yourself needing to exit your garage during a time that you can not open it electronically. This could happen during an extended power outage. You would use the emergency release in this type of situation. 

This cord is made to be used as a temporary solution for emergencies. It should not be a substitute for getting a broken door repaired. Using a broken garage door will only cause further damage and can be a risk for injury. 

The first step is to always make sure that your door is closed. Pulling the cord while the door is open is a safety hazard because it could cause the door to fall. Call us for assistance if your door is open and you can not get it closed. 

Pull the emergency release cord down and away from your garage door. This action will cause the trolley and the opener carriage to disconnect from each other. You can then open and close your door by hand. 

Pull the cord down and towards the door to reconnect the trolley and the opener carriage. The door should automatically slide back on the track. You should now be able to control it electronically. 

Give Us A Call Today!

For excellent garage door service, contact our staff here at Garage Door Repair Winter Springs, FL. We can take care of your yearly maintenance, installation services, and all repairs. Give our office a call today for an appointment!

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